Opening & balancing chakras (Heal your body & life)


Instant download: mp3
Language: English
Guidance & creation: Suzana Trnovsek
Time duration: 40 min 10 sec

Activate your healing power within and balance all of your energy centers (chakras). This meditation helps you heal the suffering, balance any areas of your life or becoming free from any disease. It activates healing the cause of any issue that you are dealing with. It has an effect of strong and deep healing.

To experience true freedom, happiness, stillness joy and health, your chakras needs to be unblocked, open and balanced.

This meditation is appropriate also for beginners and it is important to use it on a regular basis to truly become free from any suffering.

Start to meditate with this powerful meditation and activate healing power within you!


Instructions: How to meditate with this meditation

  1. Lie in the bed, without a pillow, spread your legs a little bit, close your eyes and start to meditate.
  2. Follow my guidance and do not worry if you have difficulty to focus. It is ok and part of healing through meditation;
  3. Meditation includes powerful healing music that helps with balancing and opening chakras;
  4. Use earphones for this meditation;

Important to know

  1. Meditate regularly;
  2. Exclude meditation for 1 or 2 days when you are tired from strong healing forces within you;
  3. If it is hard to concentrate or you have a lot of thoughts, that is Ok. It is normal part of opening and balancing your chakras;
  4. Any sensations during meditation can appear. Allow them to exist and surrender to them. Sensations are a sing of healing with the awakened healing power in you.