Opening & balancing chakras (Heal your body & life)


This guided meditation activates inner healing within your body which gradually heals your life and any disease. It connects you with your inner healing power and help you free yourself from any suffering. Whether this is from disease, bad relationship, abuse, dark inner experiences, stuck situation, intimate issues, depression, mental challenges, fears, child trauma, cancer, war trauma, demons..anything that you want to become free from.

This meditation needs to be implemented on a regular basis to experience transformation and healing your body/life. Regular means meditating every day like you brush your own teeth. You exclude meditation for 1-2 days if you are tired from strong energies within you. Body needs to adjust to higher frequency and at that time needs to rest.

Instant download: mp3
Language: English
Guidance & creation: Suzana Trnovsek
Healing background music from: Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Time duration: 40 min 10 sec



HEALING with this meditation

On the energetic level, meditation clean and open your energy centers. They are the doors to your true existence, power, love, presence, joy, loving manifestations and essence. Blocked chakras causes you suffer and need to open so that you as essence can shine and liberate yourself from any difficulties.

This guided meditation help you bring your repressed emotions to the surface so that you can release it. We carry within us negative subconscious and conscious emotions. All of them are past baggage still living within you and manifest itself as suffering, also in the form of disease. They need to come to the surface and be healed. They are blocking your true existence and pull you into emotional suffering which manifest as external, physical, personal and relationship suffering. Meditation thoroughly takes care of that and transforms you into new life. Past evaporates and new beginning starts.

Last but not least what this meditation does is heals your body on all levels. Once it heals emotional level, it has the conscious space and ability to heal your body – whether the body is already sick or there was hidden disease in you. Sick body cells are transformed into healthy ones and make a rebirth of your body. Then healing energy goes to every part of the organ, bone, body an heals it completely. Cancer, tumors and other difficult diseases are also healed.

Mental state such as negative thinking, mental diseases, over excessive thinking…are healed simultaneously with emotional part of healing. They are intertwine together. That is why once emotional pain is healed, the thinking mind experience healing also.


– Meditate lying in your bed without pillow. Spread your legs just a little bit and have your arms next to your body;

– If you have difficult to focusing, that is normal part of healing. What I would suggest you is to repeat your mantras and try to focusing as much as you can;

– Do not try to make meditation to be perfect. This is healing meditation so a lot of healing and changes are happening at that ime. And you are going to experience also various symptoms. Just surrender to them, follow to my guidance and meditation is succesful.

– I recommend you to meditating in the evening. Reason for that lies in continuous healing once you stop meditating. Once you stop with meditation, healing still continues. And it is good that you go to sleep, because your mind quiets down and healing can continue;

– I suggest you to use for this meditation earphones. They bring your inner body healing background closer and help to do its healing job.