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When I take a look at your issue, I always use your personal astrology chart which is my tool to provide you correct answers, solutions and guidance. I take a look where does the issue come from, how it was created, where the cause lies, where in the body is located. And also where you need to give attention in this moment in order to succesfuly heal it from within. Then I guide you StepByStep in order to free yourself from the suffering.

Audio guidance is very practical. Which means that you get the excact approaches (practices) which are needed to implement them in your life and activate healing from within.

Fill out the form below and complete the purchase. Please be detailed in the description box bellow with your issue so that I can help you firmly and precisely. Example: Describe how your issue /condition/disease or whatever it is started and write every detail that you remember and want to share with me.

In Audio session I use my personal past experiences, astrology higher knowledge and higher wisdom to which I connect to (also called channeling).

Please notice: If I will need any further details or descriptions about your issue, I will send you additional questions on your e-mail. Once I receive all the answers from you, I prepare for audio recording.

You receive audio recorded session in 5 days
(audio session is send to you on your e-mail and can be downloaded to your device easily)

You receive available dates & hours for Skype session in 24 hours
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Session with: Suzana Trnovsek
In session I use your: personal astrology chart
Language: English
Time duration: 60 min
Audio session is session which I record it and send it to you via e-mail
– Skype session is live session.

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