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Astrology help: Suzana Trnovsek
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Astrological personal chart provides deeper answers why we are struggling, how to activate healing, where we need to focus, where energetically we are stuck /blocked the most, in which direction to go from within and how to approach to our suffering effectively with desired results. I prepare for you audio guidance based on your personal astrology chart where I take you into understanding and effective practical solutions that provide deep healing and becoming free from suffering.

You receive my audio guidance via e-mail in which you get:

Understanding your issue that you are dealing with from a deeper level…I share with you understanding why are you struggling Avtor: using your personal astrology chart and where the issue is actually coming from – what is the actual root;
Practical solutions – I give your practical solutions how to heal your issue from within, where you need to focus, what is for you the most important to focus on, what conscious practices to use etc;
Step Avtor: step guidance – I teach you how to use conscious practices for your issue, when to use them, in what way etc;
Whole package with practical personalized solutions which are for you the most important and effective in this moment.;

By using personalized practices on a regular basis you can effectively heal any difficulty in your life. Enter your personal datas below, describe the issue that you are dealing with and open yourself to healing your suffering.


You receive my audio guidance in 10 days.

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